Urban Cubano: The Cuban Sandwich Crumbs

There  is no real subject to writing this today. I was a bit under the weather the last few days and immediately fell off track of my initial goal, which was to write something new on here everyday: what better way to make this a consistent habit?

A lot of times in my life I start something and have these wild expectations and hopes and then never see it through (check out my youtube channel: The Fit Cubano if you’d like to see what it looks like when someone starts a Youtube career and then goes an entire year without uploading anything).

I figure that whenever I don’t have anything specific to post I’ll title it as a Cuban Sandwich Crumbs entry, because I am dedicated to making as many Cuban related references as possible.

Maybe one of these posts will be a deep dive into my weird obsession with my Cuban side even though it is by far the side of my German, Irish, Cuban, African heritage that I am farthest from. Or maybe I just answered why it fascinates me so much.

I also haven’t yet decided how political this blog will get. On one hand I want this to be a safe space and an opportunity for me to get away from everything scary happening in the world. But on the other hand it might be interesting to document my uninformed political opinions so that I may someday go back and see just how out of the loop I was.

Regardless of your political beliefs though, can we all agree that those Pussy Hats look really warm and cozy. It is kind of funny that both sides of our political spectrum resorted to hats to get their respective points across. I’m doing well avoiding politics right?

Those are the crumbs for tonight. Peace y’all.


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