Urban Cubano: The Time I Met Phoebe From Friends

I should note that on the corner of East 4th Street and Broadway there’s this building that used to house the MLB Fan Cave. The Fan Cave was this weird building where something like 12 Baseball fans were chosen to live in this place and watch every single baseball game during the season. Which sounds like something between some strange form of torture and a sports fans wet dream.

Now that space is occupied by this studio where they interview random celebrities. I passed by a couple of weeks ago and saw Jordan Peele (WHO IS A GOD AND SHOULD BE WORSHIPPED AS SUCH), being interviewed about his horror movie Get Out.

So I was just casually walking across town, via East 4th street and these two women are walking in front of me. Ahead of them, at the corner of the block there are a bunch of photographers.

Then, as I’m walking this man runs up to one of the women and asks her to sign a picture. I glance over at the picture and it’s a photo of Phoebe from Friends. Oddly enough all that went through my mind was, “Why is this random woman being asked to sign a picture of Phoebe?” But at the same time, if you live in NYC long enough your mind will just explain away weird things, or explain away things that make perfect sense.

Then people at the corner start yelling “PHOEBE!! PHOEBE!! OVER HERE!” While others yell, “LISA! LISA!” as they take pictures of the Smelly Cat singer songwriter.

So I get ahead of the two women, look back over my shoulder and low and behold it’s Phoebe.

I’m never really starstruck, I just always think it’s kind of weird seeing people in real life when you’re used to only seeing them on TV. But one thing I couldn’t shake was how strange it must be to have all these strangers who love you. People who you have never seen or met in your entire life, who you’ve impacted in such a way that they showed up at this random spot on East 4th and Broadway to get a picture with you.

Also props to Lisa for stopping to give an autograph for that random guy with her picture. How strange would it be if some person ran up to you with a picture of you and just asked you to sign it.

I don’t know you Lisa. But that was dope. Smelly Cat would be proud.


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