Urban Cubano: The Make it a Habit

I really do need to make this a habit. What the fuck is the point of starting this blog if I’m not going to stay consistent with it.

The reason behind starting this was to get back into the habit of writing. I went all of 2016 without writing anything. And when you tell people that you graduated Syracuse University after studying film and tv and wanting to be a writer, it doesn’t sit well with me that those dreams were shelved.

I hate putting something that I want to do on the shelf. Because, getting to it next week, turns into a month, turns into a year and before you know it you’re two years into paying back a college loan for a degree that you arent’t even using.

So I am going to attempt to write everyday. At least one post everyday. For the rest of the year. The hope is that I’ll get into a habit and I think it’d be kind of cool to look back on 300+ posts and see what was going through my mind on any given day.

Except for this post. This one is kind of lame. But it counts.



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