The Film Cubano: The Logan Review

I got around to seeing the new Wolverine filmĀ LoganĀ this past weekend with a friend of mine.

It was phenomenal. It was dope.

I cannot overstate this enough: this film is a HARD R. They let you know in the first minute of this film that they earned this rating.

It’s funny because the MPAA is made up of a bunch of suburban soccer moms who declare what is and isn’t okay for a film to contain and depending on what rating they come up with the studio may go to the filmmakers and say they need a softer rating because it allows for more people to see it.

But that is not the case here. They allow for this story to be as violent as it needs to be. It’s a strange conflict for me though. I am not a fan of blood and guts all over the screen and typically I enjoy to see that if someone has a head attached to their body during a film, that it remains perched atop their body. That is rarely the case here.

But none of it is gratuitous. All the violence is is justified.

And just a quick point on the violence and action sequences in this film. They are few and far between. And this approach makes them feel special. You can often tell when something big is about to go down but every action sequence is executed with such great cinematography and set design. Props to the props department. Some of the sets in this film were incredible in the complexity they contained.

Who would’ve thought that 17 years ago Hugh Jackman was going to nail the role of Wolverine this well.

And the girl who plays Laura kills it. Even if you hate the Jacked Man, go see this film for her performance. Patrick Stewart kills it too, but of course he does, he’s a baller.

Rating: Logan was Dope


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