Urban Cubano: The Burnt Out

I feel really burnt out right now.

I’m not entirely sure why.

As a personal trainer you get to know so many different people and when some of those people are training with you for a long time (let’s say 6-9 months) you really do become a part of those people’s lives. Not in the sense that we are hanging out on the weekends and going to each other’s birthday parties. More in the sense that what they go through in their personal lives has an effect on me.

Sometime last year one of my clients told me one of his family members was in the hospital and might die.

One client lost their father.

One client lost their job.

One client tore their ACL.

It wakes a toll on you man. It can be a lot. I often feel like despite the fact that I have this job as a trainer where I am a professional in my field, I’m still just a kid. A kid who’s trying to figure out my own life while I help others add structure and discipline to their own.

In that sense the balancing of work and life in my own life can be difficult and that is something that bothers me.

Balance is something that takes a long time though. I’ll continue to work on it.



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