The Film Cubano: The Bad Moms

I know I know…this movie is from 2016 and this review is crazy late.

I freaking love female driven comedies.

I do not know who wrote, directed or produced Bad Moms. I know that Mila Kunis was one of the moms. The woman from Anchorman was in it and that girl Kristen Bell was also in it (she’s got an adorable obsession with sloths).

Bad Moms is about Ami (Mila Kunis), who feels overworked, under appreciated and feels like she isn’t good enough to successfully be the best mom she can be for her kids. She stands up to the head of the PTA, a mom who bullies everyone around to get what she wants (Christina Applegate).

Bad Moms is by no means the most hilarious comedy of the decade. It’s definitely got some laugh out loud moments and some moments that make you roll your eyes (like the fact that they say the title of the movie at least 10 times during the movie). But it is a NEW IDEA.

Everything that comes out nowadays is a sequel reboot remake franchise prequel based on a novel magazine young adult book series tv show spinoff retelling. THIS IS SOME NEW SHIT.

There are definitely some moments that could have been funnier but it feels like for the most part the writers were feeling a bit cautious about how far they wanted to go with certain jokes. The potential is there for a hilariously inappropriate sequel if they really go for it.

The film also provides a great commentary on just how much moms are expected to do. Obviously a lot of it is exaggerated and some single dads will probably argue that they are underrepresented in the Bad Moms Universe, but this is not the point of the film. Bad Moms provides a look into what life might be like if the overworked parent took their foot off the gas pedal for a moment to think about how much of what they were doing mattered.

Also Mila Kunis can absolutely carry a comedy. Kristen Bell and the other woman who was their friend all killed it.

More female driven comedy please.

Rating: Reasonably Dope



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