Urban Cubano: The Gym Memberships

My last gym charged me a buyout fee in order to cancel my membership.

At the time I was cool with it: to an extent. I was told that if I waited until my membership was active for 1 year then I could cancel it without any penalty. It wasn’t really an issue because I was already at month 10 or 11. So according to Blink Fitness, it was cheaper to get charged for 2 more months of membership than it was to cancel and pay the $80 buyout fee. Why a gym charges almost $100 just to cancel your membership is beyond me.

At the time I had just gotten hired as a personal trainer at another gym which made it silly to have a membership I was never going to utilize again. So I finally went in to cancel.

One of the strangest things is when they ask you why your canceling your membership.Because what is the difference. They know they are going to make you pay your way out regardless. They are profiting off of you leaving the gym, because why not, gotta find someway to screw you on the way out.

I told them the truth. I was a trainer at another gym and work-out there instead. And they tell me that because I am canceling without 45 days notice that I am subject to paying a $25 fee. So I ask the obvious question:

“If I tell you that I am going to cancel 45 days from now, will I still have to pay a buyout fee?”


Makes plenty of sense if you don’t think about it.

And it leads to a worse experience as a now former member of Blink. I am sure every gym does this, but why not break the status quo or something. And what is the point of asking why someone is canceling their membership if you plan on charging them a fee that you snuck into the tiny print on the terms of service that you know nobody reads?

It would be like if when you broke up with someone they said:

“Well now it’s just a matter of the relationship buyout fee since you failed to issue 45 days notice of you sending me into a spiral of junk food and sadness. Cash or card?”

Stop charging buyout fees. You got all those months of membership fees you collect and that random “annual fee,” let people go off peacefully

Don’t be a jerk.


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