Urban Cubano: The Remembering Passwords Sucks

Talking to a client of mine today about the struggle of keeping track of all the passwords we have to create for different websites now.

I think it used to be really easy because your password could literally be anything. To the point that most of the time you just had to think of something you could easily remember.

Then something happened.

Somewhere down the line passwords started to get more and more complicated. Where you have to choose an uppercase and lowercase letter and a number AND a symbol AND the numbers cannot be in sequential order (123) AND you cannot use your username.

This is bullshit.

And now they even judge you as you’re typing out the password. They have that little gauge right next to where you’re typing and it’ll have a bar that changes color based on how good your password is.

Now they are actually judging you on your password selection. That type of up to the second judgment is not something I can handle.

I now have to text myself all of my passwords because they have gotten so off the wall complicated.

Is that a phrase? Probably not, but now it is.



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