Urban Cubano: The Cubano Sandwich Crumbs (vol.2)

My consistency on here has been lacking. Feeling uninspired. Currently continuing on as a personal trainer at Crunch. It’s not that I am completely unhappy at Crunch but there are just some things that I fundamentally disagree with.

It also feels increasingly like I am unappreciated. Not by my clients, but by management.

I finally got new boots! Which I of course decided to get just in time to not need them for another 9 months until winter rolls around again. And in classic Urban Cubano form I passed on the sale Footlocker had ($100 instead of $165), then went back the next day to try to get them, the sale was over and I picked them up on the Nike website.

I always do this. I will see something on sale, want it, won’t buy it, then change my mind just in time to miss the sale or the item will be gone completely. Living in America is hard yo.

There’s no strategy with today’s writing. In case that much wasn’t obvious already.

Since I’ve been a trainer for a little over a year now I have actually seen some people in the gym from when they first started working out to seeing actual results. Granted their form is terrible and there’s no reasoning behind their training but it is kind of strange to know a complete stranger for over a year.

I also have clients who I have known through the beginning, middle and end of relationships, jobs coming and going, moving from one apartment to the next. It’s kind of strange because post college this is the first time I’ve met people and known and seen them consistently for such a long period of time.

I swear that made me sound more anti-social than I actually am.

Feels good to write something again even if no one reads these.


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