Urban Cubano: The Scraping By

I am tired of just scraping by.

I want to travel more.

I want to be able to train people who cannot afford to train at a corporate gym.

I want to train a celebrity.

I want to visit at least 6 different countries before I am 28.

I want to take my mom on vacation after she made a point of doing it during every year of my childhood even though she could not afford it. (DONE)

I want to buy my mom a house down by the jersey shore by the time I am 30 so that she can enjoy the ocean breeze.

I want to gain more life experience and more perspective.

I want to compete in a men’s physique show before I am 27.

I do not want to be working at a corporate gym past the age of 26. (DONE)

I want to move out of my moms place before I turn 25….*26

I want to somehow both curb my addiction to buying sneakers while also having enough money to afford it: in case the control thing doesn’t work out. (DONE)

I want to come back to this list and check all of these off.



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