Urban Cubano: The Social Media

I don’t understand the trend of announcing job and life related events on social media.

I mean to an extent I do, but I do not think there’s any point to it. The other day I saw a friend of mine post that he had accepted an internship somewhere for the summer and I couldn’t help but think, “Why do you need to announce this?”

And it was an internship! This was not a promotion to CEO this was an announcement to an unpaid position that may or may not result in actual employment. I just do not get it.

I see people post videos about things that they’re doing (on vacation, buying a bunch of shit they don’t need etc), but why? There is this issue in social media where it only contains the best parts of someone’s life.

And then I struggle with this idea of the fact that life can be so negative at times  that maybe as a society we need a way to edit out the negativity and only present the positive. Like one of those highlight only episodes of Seinfeld that every show after them copied when the writers got lazy.

But why do we think anyone needs to know what we’re up to? Or where we’re headed. Because if you have to announce it then does anyone actually care or do we just want to feel as if we matter. And that the thought of nothing actually mattering is scary.

Just some late night thoughts.


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