Urban Cubano: The Church Guy

One time I was getting a burrito and this¬†guy comes in just to use the bathroom. I usually see him sitting on the steps outside the church on 2nd Ave between 6th and 7th. He usually has a small cup next to him for money. Maybe he’s homeless, maybe he’s not, for the sake of this brief story we’ll refer to him as “Church Guy.”

Somehow we got to talking and he brought up how cold it was and how he had to wear like 3 jackets.

I mentioned that having spent my college years at Syracuse University and frequently waking up to -10 degree temperatures, I was conditioned to handle New York City winters.

Occasionally I see him around the neighborhood and he always says “What’s up Syracuse?”

While I don’t really know why or how he remembers me, it’s pretty dope that he does.

Keep on keepin on Church Guy.


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