Urban Cubano: The Credit Card Debt

Credit cards terrify me.

A little over a month ago I got my first credit card and so far I have been terrified to use it.

So far I’ve used it for one amazon purchase and an impromptu $600 charge when I broke my phone and had to buyout the remaining money left on it for me to pay off.

My bank gave me a limit of over $8000 and while I never plan to max it out to that extent I now completely understand how and why people get into serious credit card debt. Because when you get paid your first instinct is not to pay off the credit card, because you have other financial commitments and minimum payments exist.

But I will admit that seeing 8k sitting there as a line of credit, as someone who rarely spends money on themselves: Boy would it be nice to go on a spending spree and max that baby out.

But the sheer terror of getting into insurmountable debt keeps me away.


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