Urban Cubano: The Training Wiz Khalifa

For the purposes of this story let’s call my client Wiz Khalifa. He wasn’t actually Wiz Khalifa, but let’s go with that anyway.

I let Wiz Khalifa go yesterday.

Wiz had been a client of mine since late September 2016. He had made a lot of progress, having been a very skinny kid. He suffered from depression and anxiety and that did create issues in building momentum as far as training goes.

But he did always try his best when he would come in, which is not something I can say about everyone I’ve worked with.

Yesterday Wiz told me that after 9 months he still did not enjoy going to the gym, which made me sad. Not so much because he needs it (though he desperately desperately does), but because the thought of someone doing something for months, that makes them unhappy or that gives them little to no joy, that kills me.

Wiz Khalifa had 11 sessions left, but they expired on June 5th, mathematically not enough time for us to get through them. If he purchased more sessions I could get the expired ones reinstated.

We spent the first several minutes of the session talking, which is when he revealed that he was unhappy. Unhappy at work, unhappy training, unhappy with where his life is. At 22, he’s got a lot of time left to figure things out and the kid really works hard and gives himself no credit, he’ll be fine.

But I had to let him go.

Trainer mind aside there are some things more important that exercise. While it did help him, he got no joy from it. And I did not want him to spend time doing something he didn’t want to be doing. So we decided that yesterday would be his last session.

Maybe it wasn’t the right decision but I stand by it. It took me 5 years to get to a point where I like working out. I think Wiz Khalifa needs time to find that passion and he may not have it. Working out is not for everybody, it might end up not being for him, and that is completely fine. He did a great job at working hard to clean up his diet and that, in the long run is even more important.

It’s been real Wiz. Best of luck.


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