Urban Cubano: The Body Positivity

It’s summer. The clothes start to come off.

As I was waiting for the light to change the other day I started people watching. As I watched people speed by I started to think, “I wonder how many of these people are happy with their bodies.”

Nothing really caused me to have this thought. I would just see so many different people of all shapes and sizes speeding through the city. Wearing so many different kinds of outfits. And it made me think how sometimes I’ll put a lot of effort into what I’m wearing. Choosing a shirt because it makes me look more muscular or something more baggy if I’m feeling a little bloated or haven’t been eating very well.

I love seeing people of different shapes and sizes, just doing their thing. Maybe other people have days where they aren’t totally happy with what they see in the mirror each day, I mean I am sure that happens. But I know some people don’t. And I envy you.



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